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Constant creek **

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  • Grade: 4
  • Level: Spring flows only
  • Gauge: Visual at the Take Out
  • Length: 7.8 km
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Put In: Ferguson Farm campground
  • Take Out: Moran's Cabins on Calabogie Lake
  • Shuttle: 11 km
  • Character: Fun drops and chutes

This fun little creek is only really going just after the melt. All the action is in the last couple of km. It used to be possible to walk in on river left and get to the interesting bit, but the landowner no longer allows access.

However, the paddle from Ferguson lake is not too long. The biggest drop on the river has a couple of holes at the bottom, inspect on the right. The rest of the run is easier, with fun channels and chutes continuing right to Calabogie lake.

Ian Thomson on Constant creek
The big drop on Constant creek

The last rapid at the end is probably worth having a look at before heading up to the top. If this is a bit shallow, then the rest of the creek is going to be too!

To get to the take out; From Highway 17, turn West onto Calabogie road. After going through Calabogie, just before crossing the creek, turn left into Moran's Cabins and ask permission to park and access the river.

To get to the put in; Continue on Calabogie road, and in 7 km turn right onto Ferguson lake road. Once at the lake turn right and head to Ferguson Farm campground. Ask permission to park just outside their office/general store.